Sponsorship message Koutný

Production of a short sponsorship message for TV designed to present a company producing tailored men's suits. The TV spot was broadcast on Czech TELEVISION as part of a programme sponsored by a client.

The video was made so that it could subsequently be presented on social networks, the web and as a separate advertising spot. 

Viking Technology advertising film

A short promotional film for the brand powerbank and battery generators Viking Technology, which is intended to show the different uses of products of this brand. In addition to displaying various client products, the film also contains a simple story that explains the brand motto. The film was created with an emphasis on the presenting of the brand and in accordance with the corporate identity of the client.

The film was made for use on the web, social networks and trade fairs to raise awareness of the brand.

Promo spot Coffee makers Olomouc

Advertising spot for the largest Olomouc taxi service presenting the possibility of traveling at a discounted price. The spot with exaggeration and wit points to one of the possibilities of transport around Olomouc and its surroundings.

The spot was made for use in cinemas and social networks.

Promo spot Coffee makers Olomouc

Advertising spot for the shop of Jura coffee machines and coffee from the domestic roaster Café Gape presents a new shop in the center of Olomouc and its rich offer of coffee machines and freshly roasted coffee.

The spot was made for use on social media.

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